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 by all the tasks involved in home maintenance. It's hard to know where to start, and I'm worried about making mistakes that could lead to even bigger issues.


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As homeowners, you're likely familiar with the stress and financial burden that unexpected repairs can bring. From leaky faucets to malfunctioning appliances, the challenges of maintaining a home can be daunting. The lack of basic DIY skills often leads to dependence on costly professional services, resulting in frustration and unnecessary expenses. Additionally, the fear of making mistakes and causing further damage can hinder your confidence in handling even minor repairs. It's time to break free from these concerns and embrace a proactive approach to home maintenance. 

  • Do you feel like... you lack the confidence or skills needed to be handy around the house?
  • Does it seem... the fear of tackling DIY projects holds you back from maintaining your home effectively?
  • Are you frustrated that... unexpected home repair bills wreak havoc on your budget?
  • And when it comes down to it, do you... struggle to juggle home maintenance amidst your busy schedule?

At Fix Broke Stuff, we understand the challenges homeowners like you face every day. My mission is to address these common challenges by providing you with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle repairs confidently and quickly, saving you money and bringing peace of mind to your homeownership journey.

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